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Caken is Randy

This post was written by Kilusan Bautista

23 August 2011 1,640 views No Comment

How long have you been cutting hair?
I’ve been cutting hair since December 2001, almost 10 years now. I got started cutting hair on a fluke, my mom bought clippers for my cousin Rex and found out he had a pair already. At that moment I told my mom, “I’ll take the clippers so I can cut my own hair.” Later that day my buddy Danny called me and asked if I wanted to go with him to get a hair cut. I told my friend Danny, “I have a pair of clippers and I can cut your hair for free!” And so I did.

But I really started cutting hair when my cousin, Jeffrey Bautista, gave me a barber chair in which I still own!

I would say I have a passion for making anybody (friends, family and strangers) happy with a hair cut or a simple conversation. People sometimes use haircuts or going to the barbershop as an escape and may also use it for relaxation. So I do my best to make “relaxation” happen.

I also know that I have a passion for cutting hair because I love to give free haircuts to those who are less fortunate or “just because I feel like cutting your hair for free. I believe that’s good karma!”

What makes me different from the average barber is how I look at cutting hair as not a competition or a form of popularity. I look at barbering as a “brotherhood.” I love going to a new barbershop and just telling them congratulations and wanting to get to know new upcoming barbers. There is too much money in the barber business for any one person to be greedy and that’s how I look at it.

Celebrities that I have cut so far in chronological order is: local bay area rap artist San Quinn, R&B upcoming artist Miguel Jontell, point guard for the Golden State Warriors Charlie Bell, linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa of the Chicago Bears, and I recently cut one of the co-founders of twitter but i do not remember his name.

Youtube Sensation:
Some challenges i have faced as far as being a barber is the competition in the “Barber World.” It is really hard to gain new clientele and expand. I am overcoming these obstacles by wanting to be different and more well known to the world. As a result, I use youtube to make my name Randy more recognizable. My youtube channel (youtube.com/CAKENISRANDY) consists of teaching others, not only barbers, on step by step tutorials for doing the average haircut which are tapers, fades, blow outs, designs etc…

I believe I have received a lot of attention because my videos are really helpful to everybody and anybody. I show step by step techniques and I also add my own annotations to the videos that clarify some questions if I am unclear in a certain part of a hair cut during the video. I love to teach how to cut hair to whoever asks me to. I also respond to EVERY twitter question that my followers have for me. So feel free to ask me anything on my twitter at twitter.com/CAKENisRANDY.

Future plans and goals:
In one year I plan to open my own shop at the age of 25! I want to eventually be a franchised barbershop owner so i won’t have to cut hair anymore. For now, I am just taking it day by day, step by step.

Thank you Urban Crazes for giving me the opportunity to speak my story. Peace, Love, and hair grease.

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